Siskiyou Community Health Center Is A Blue Zones Project Approved Worksite

Grants Pass, OR –Siskiyou Community Health Center is the newest Blue Zones Project Approved worksite in Grants Pass.

Joining the Blue Zones Project initiative made perfect sense for Siskiyou Community Health Center who has been promoting a healthy work environment for many years. Their Employee Appreciation Week, Walk Across America contests, employee gatherings, and robust benefits package that promotes health and well-being are just a few examples of how they advocate for employees’ health and well-being.

“I am proud to be a part of a project that will continue to help improve the quality of life for our employees and our community,” said Rich Booth, CEO of Siskiyou Community Health Center.

Blue Zones Project is a community-based well-being improvement initiative designed to make healthier choices easier through permanent changes in the environment, policy and social networks.

Siskiyou Community Health Center achieved Blue Zones Project Approved status by successfully completing the Blue Zones Project Worksite Pledge and adopting or supporting a number of well-being best practices. Some key goals include:

  • Develop and implement an employee well-being incentive plan.
  • Implement walking routes and encourage employees to create “walking moais” at each location.
  • Increase access to healthy food choices through employee catered events and weekly snack cart options.

Siskiyou Community Health Center is proud to be a Blue Zones Project Approved Worksite and will continue to support healthy lifestyle choices for its’ employees.