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Project Description

School Based Health Centers

School Based Health Centers

Siskiyou Community Health Center has four School-Based Health Centers (SBHC), three in the Illinois Valley – Evergreen Elementary School, Lorna Byrne Middle School, and Illinois Valley High School, and one at Grants Pass High School. These centers are permanent facilities within the schools and are staffed by a Family Nurse Practitioner, a Physician Assistant, RN’s, and receptionists. The centers are certified by the State of Oregon and meet specific standards of care. With these certifications, we are able to examine, diagnose, and treat school age children. We work cooperatively with parents, coaches, counselors, classroom teachers, and school principals and their staff in order to ensure that the centers are an integral part of the life of the schools.

The purpose of our SBHCs are to:

  • Attend to the unmet health care needs of children when they need it
  • Support students by providing a safe place to talk about sensitive issues such as depression, family problems, relationships, family planning, and substance abuse
  • Supports the schools by helping children stay in school and by identifying and addressing health problems that may interfere with the learning process
  • Support families by allowing parents to stay at work while attending to their child’s routine health care needs
  • Teach students to be better health care consumers

Students perform better when they show up for class healthy and ready to learn.  Our centers’ goals are to bring the doctor’s office to the students in a safe and familiar manner so they may avoid health-related absences, and to give them the support they need to succeed in the classroom.

Parental notification of Student Satisfaction Survey

Students between the ages of 12 and 19 who visit the SBHC may be asked to complete an anonymous survey after their visit. The survey asks about the student’s satisfaction and experience at the SBHC, as well as some general questions about their physical and mental health status. Students can refuse to take the survey and this will not affect their ability to get care at the SBHC. To see a copy of the survey, please go to the “SBHC Data Requirements” link on

En español:
A los estudiantes de entre 12 y 19 años que visitan el Centro de Salud en la Escuela (School-Based Health Center o SBHC) se les puede pedir que contesten una encuesta anónima después de su visita. La encuesta hace preguntas sobre la satisfacción y la experiencia del estudiante en el SBHC y otras preguntas generales sobre su estado de salud física y mental. Los estudiantes pueden negarse a participar en la encuesta y esto no afectará su capacidad de recibir atención médica en el SBHC. Para ver una copia de la encuesta, por favor vaya al enlace “SBHC data requirements” en

All students and staff who plan to use the School Based Health Center must have the health center packet turned in. REGISTER HERE


520 West River Street
Cave Junction, OR 97523
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102 South Junction
Cave Junction, OR 97523
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   (541) 592-6702


625 River Street
Cave Junction, OR 97523
   (541) 592-3749
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830 NE 9th Street
Grants Pass, OR 97526
   (541) 479-4825