Behavioral Health

Our Behavioral Health program serves adults and children, ages 10 and older, who have acute and chronic behavioral health issues, as well as those who have experienced significant impairment in one or more areas of life functioning due to a mental health illness or co-occurring disorder. We provide treatment for depression, feelings of loss, trauma, anxiety, phobia, stress, family problems, substance abuse or addiction, and other behavioral health problems. We offer individual counseling and psychotherapy, medication evaluation and management, psychiatric consultation, psychological testing, and assistance in accessing community services.


Neurofeedback is an advanced technology approach to improve the brain’s ability to self-regulate.   Through computer operated, highly innovative sampling methods the brain wave is recorded and, in real time, information about the brain activity is made available to the patient.  This information is imperative for the brain to optimize its function and perform its regulatory functions.

Neurofeedback is a safe, effective, and non-invasive method of balancing the work of our central nervous system. Symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, depression, poor concentration, irritability, and other mental health issues can be lessened by neurofeedback training. The neurofeedback training that we offer is achieved through the advances of sophisticated computer technologies and neuroscience.

A typical neurofeedback session follows this pattern:

A person sits comfortably in a chair in front of a monitor. Two tiny sensors are connected to the scalp with water-soluble paste and clips are connected to the ears. The brain’s electrical activity is then transmitted to the sensors and registered by the EEG feedback computer software. The person then proceeds to listen to music using headphones while watching a never-repeating fractal image or a movie. When the central nervous system activity is recorded as off-balance and disorganized, the system recognizes such patterns and pauses the music or visual image. Such feedback becomes a tool for the brain to self-regulate and to learn to function at an optimal level that corresponds with subjective feelings of emotional stability.


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