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Siskiyou Y-O-U Resilience Plan Outline

Siskiyou Community Health Center is committed to supporting its most valuable asset- The Clinic Staff- particularly in this time of great challenge to the health, vitality, and wellbeing of our friends, family, and community.

There is no Siskiyou without Y-O-U

We want to apply our vast knowledge and expertise in providing for the physical and emotional needs of our patients- to ourselves as well. We believe we must first “Be Here” and give to ourselves before we can “Be There” and give to others. It is a vital part of keeping a healthy Work/Life Balance.

  1. Take 10
  2. Resilience Defined
  3. 5 Key Stress Resilience Skills
  4. Humor for Coping
  5. BRS
  6. Managing Strong Feelings
  7. Thought Awareness
  8. Coping with Stress During a Pandemic
  9. Resilience Training
  10. Post Traumatic Growth
  11. Mindfulness Exercises Online
  12. UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness
  13. Wild 5

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