Patient Portal

Thank you for selecting Siskiyou Community Health Center for your medical home. SCHC provides medical, dental, laboratory and pharmacy services for patients with private insurance, Medicaid, Medicare and for those who are uninsured. At each site we have Patient Service Coordinators to assist you in becoming a patient at our facility.

How do I register for the patient portal?

Patients will receive an email with their Personal Identification Number (PIN) after their appointment if we have a valid email in their chart. You can also call or visit our registration staff and request an email be sent to you if you do not currently have an appointment.

What can I do with my patient portal?

  1. View upcoming appointments with the option to request cancelation or rescheduling.
  2. View medications, allergies, immunizations, vitals, and medical history.
  3. View lab, diagnostics, and pathology results ordered by your provider at Siskiyou.
  4. Pay your bill.
  5. Request medical or dental records to be sent to you or an outside entity.

Although these option may be available in the future, you cannot currently request an appointment, request a refill of a prescription, or message your provider or provider team.

Is there an app?

Yes. You can download the app for iPhone and Android. It is called PatientPORTAL from InteliChart.


What is Not Available in the Portal Account?

  1. Request an appointment.
  2. Request a prescription refill.
  3. Messaging your provider or provider team.
  4. Viewing account balances or visit charges.

Portal Accounts for Child/Dependents

A parent can set up a portal account for a minor child with access until they are 15 years old. Once the child turns 15, the account will be deactivated. The parent will receive an email notification.

More Than One Provider Using InteliChart?

If you already have an InteliChart portal account from another healthcare provider, you can add access to your Siskiyou Community Health Center portal to this account which allows you to sign in with a single username and password.

  1. Get the Siskiyou Community Health Center PIN number from the email sent to you.
  2. Login to your existing portal account.
  3. Click on the Settings icon and select ‘Add PIN from another practice’.
  4. Enter the PIN number from your email and your date of birth.
  5. Click ‘Add Practice’.

How Do I Request Medical Records?

  1. Click on the ‘MyChart’ icon and select ‘Summary’
  2. Click on the ‘Request Medical Records’ link in the upper right corner.
  3. Complete the form. If records are being sent to another provider, be sure to include the provider’s full name and phone number, address (if mailing), and fax number (if faxing).
  4. Click ‘Submit Request’.
  5. Our records release team will receive your request and process it within 30 days. If we have questions, we will reach out to you.

What do I do if I have questions?

You can contact our office at (541) 472-4777.

Patient Portal Login

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