Position on board: Board Member
Occupation: Perioperative; endoscopy and PACU Nurse
Why I serve on the SCHC board: The decision to serve on the SCHC board has provided the opportunity to be personally involved in the local communities’ access to quality healthcare. Not only do I serve on the board, but I am also a consumer and active user of the services at Siskiyou. Being part of the healthcare community where I serve as a nurse, I see daily the importance of vital immunizations and timely health screenings, followed by a healthy lifestyle. Eliminating many of the chronic diseases facing society today begins with regular and quality access to services designed to make healthy living a way of life. Affordability should not be a deterrent to quality healthcare. As new healthcare laws are ushered in and implemented at the local, state and federal level, being actively involved in the implementation and adherence interests me greatly.