A message from Siskiyou Community Health Center about your care

Siskiyou Community Health Center is committed to your health and well-being and we will continue to care for our patients during the Coronavirus outbreak. It is our intention to avoid sending patients to the Emergency Room whenever possible so that they may care for the most critical patients. In order to maintain the highest level of safety for our patients, staff, and health care providers, we’ve made some changes in how we handle certain types of appointments and have implemented the use of telemedicine visits when appropriate. For all patients that will be seen in the office be assured we have a rigorous cleaning process of exam rooms, common areas and the entire clinic to prevent the spread of infection.

The following changes are immediately in effect:

• For the foreseeable future, we are limiting the number of people accompanying patients to appointments.  Only one person will be allowed to accompany a patient to an office visit.
• Appointments for pregnant patients are continuing as scheduled in office
• Most routine annual exams will be rescheduled to a date later in the year. You will be contacted for a new appointment time.
• All visits that your provider determines can be done via a telemedicine visit are being changed over to that format. Your appointment time will remain the same and you will be notified by phone of this change.
• If your appointment will be in office, you will be screened for fever, new cough or new shortness of breath prior to being allowed inside.  Once you check in, you will be given the option to wait in your car or in our lobby where all chairs have been placed 6’ apart. Only asymptomatic patients will be allowed in-office visits.
• We are working hard to keep communication open with all patients – whenever possible please answer your phone if you see the call is from Siskiyou Community Health Center so we may speak with you directly and not have to leave a message.


We have moved quickly to implement telemedicine visits as an option for our patients and providers.  If you have medical questions or concerns you would like to be seen for but that may not require a physical exam, we will schedule a telemedicine appointment for you. Telemedicine visits are considered an office visit by your insurance company and will result in a charge to your insurance and coinsurance and deductible will apply.

Examples of telemedicine visits that we may be scheduling:

• Follow-up medication visit
• Postpartum visits, as determined by your clinical provider
• Review lab results and imaging studies
• Discussion of birth control/family planning options
• Pre-OB visits
• Rash
• Diabetes follow-up appointments
• Anxiety and/or depression
• Other health topics you want to discuss that may not require an exam
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Due to limited staffing and an increased volume of calls, please be patient if you do call. If you have a concern or question specifically related to COVID-19, or are experiencing symptoms of cough, fever, or respiratory illness you may call our COVID-19 Hotline at 541-472-4700.

We wish everyone good health!